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Mobile has become a vital part of humans today, imagine a day without mobile and we experience agitation in our minds, Mobile is no doubt the most astounding invention made by brilliant minds. From the function of calling and texting to online shopping, banking and much more, the capability of mobiles have reached heights, and there is no stopping. Mobile technology has taken our lives by storm. The average time spent by people on their phones for non-voice content has increased almost five times in the past few years.

Mobile Apps Development
Mobile Apps Development Company Noida, Swavish Softwares explain latest Mobile App Development Trends & he provides best Android Apps/Mobile Apps development services in all over Noida, Delhi NCR. Mobile applications have created an ease of communication for customers worldwide; there exists an application for everything in this world. They are emerging as the point of contact for most businesses, giving comfort to both business and its customers.

 With the emergence of newer tools and cutting-edge technologies, new developments are expected in the mobile enterprise. Apps have emerged as a trendy investment, companies are launching their own apps to bring in more customers and to boost profit altogether.Consumers are downloading apps and have demanded more of features in it.

Here are the top trends in mobile development; you need to know about-

1.   Application security becomes the top priorityWith mobile apps evolving into wallets and purses, security is undoubtedly a major concern. Apps that seek access to unrelated data, such as user's calendar data, often rely on advertising and analytics framework and create unnecessary log files. All this makes it easy for hackers to access and steal data from the app users. Google, Microsoft, and Apple all raising the stakes and making security a serious target for the coming years, developers also need to focus on cybersecurity and implement unbreakable security features within their apps.

2.     Raise in Cloud-driven Mobile Apps:  From tech professionals to customers, everybody is aware of the Cloud technology and its benefit in our lives. Taking minimum space in the internal memory of our mobiles, apps directly run on the cloud. Google drive, one drive, Dropbox are some of the popular one's today, also new apps are being developed to be operated in the cloud. Cloud computing is not only fast, easy to deploy, and but also inexpensive.

3.     IoT Impact on Mobile app development: IoT is growing popular because of its ease of use and the convenience it offers. IoT is stimulating innovation and has the ability to control any device or gadget at you or in office through technology. In the coming year, this technology will be quickly incorporated for mobile application development, providing more personalized user experiences across a variety of devices.

4.     E-Commerce, the next big thing: With e-commerce on the rise because of giants such as Amazon, Flipkart, the usage of e-commerce will be increasing in the upcoming years. Purchase and sell at the ease of your fingertips, in wireless handheld devices with advanced capabilities. Secure payments, mobiles turning into e-wallets all these will witness an increase. For example, both Apple Pay and Android Pay allow customers to conveniently make purchases at stores or in m-commerce applications.

5.     Artificial Intelligence, making things real:  Siri, Google assistant, are some of the great examples of AI in mobile development. According to Gartner, the year 2018 has witnessed over 300% increase in the investments made on Artificial Intelligence (AI) for mobile. Chatbots, have made things easy for businesses with enabling them to save money and also making it easy to do a variety of tasks on mobiles removing the need for downloading several apps.


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