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The Latest Digital Marketing Trends 2018 - Swavish Softwares

One of the major changes in the world of marketing is the “emergence of digital marketing”. The digital world is still growing across the world. Digital marketing campaigns are becoming more prevalent. There have been many changes in the digital marketing trends.

Whether you are a blogger or a marketer, or anyone else trying to be established, you will hardly succeed if you do not have a marketing strategy. Developing a digital marketing strategy has always been a challenge for the marketers. Digital Marketing Company in Noida, Swavish Softwares focuses on integrating digital marketing with their key marketing strategies.  

Digital Marketing Company in Noida
"A study in 2017 revealed that nearly two-thirds of companies are still not treating digital marketing as equally important to traditional marketing."

Therefore, you should highlight the word “strategy”. A marketer’s strategy should always focus on growth.  Careful scanning of the technological environment is the key stratagem to stay a step ahead of the competitors in the market. Planning a long-term digital marketing strategy will reward your company in the future and help you survive the cutthroat competition with the big players in the market.

An effective integrated online marketing plan has always been an important part of the marketing plan for better targeting and optimization. Your strategy should aim your existing and potential customers. This is also important for the marketers to understand their online marketplace.

A marketer should always come up with new approaches to keep up with their online customers. These are following some latest trends in digital marketing.

Latest Trends in Digital Marketing:

Mobile Focused Digital Marketing:

It is undeniable that the change in the year also came with many changes in digital marketing. Whatever be the size of a business, a mobile-friendly website is always in the favor.

·        Your website should be mobile friendly and load faster than 3 seconds.
  • A mobile audience is more interested in watching video content.
  • Create paid campaigns that are more skewed to mobile users.
Video Content Marketing:

Video content is becoming more and more popular. Nothing on social media is as eye-catching as good video content. Having the ability to measure the number of times someone watches a video, allows the marketers to truly learn what is working and what is not and later helps them work on the optimization of their content.

  • ·        Improved SEO
  • ·         stronger Consumer Attention
  • ·         Higher Engagement
  • ·         More Video-favored Technology
  • ·         Greater Optimization Opportunities
  • ·         Higher Retention Rates
  • ·         Better Email Click-Throughs
  • ·         Rise in Accessibility
  • ·         Stronger Emotional Connections
  • ·         Increased Customer Conversions

Influencer Marketing:

Influencer marketing is one of the best yet trending ways to gain your target audience and foster growth of your business. Digital Marketing Company in Delhi, Swavish Softwares helps you reach your target audience. Social media, content marketing, SEO, Google Adwords works for every business in any industry.

Social Media Marketing:

Social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram are a great way to keep yourself up-to-date on digital marketing trends. The shift towards small-screen optimization is at its height.

 The Latest Trend of Storytelling:

Social media is immensely popular and with its ever-growing popularity, the new feature of storytelling cannot be ignored by the marketers. Earlier Snapchat had this feature, and later Whatsapp, Instagram, and YouTube updated their application and introduced this new feature.


Traffic from SEO has always been the best source of web traffic for many businesses. The reviews are not just essential for the search engine rankings but it also can be a major source of sales for you. One should have a systemized way of asking for reviews. And it is surely a trending strategy of the year.

 Pay per Click:

PPC has a major impact on brands and businesses. PPC and SEO work well together. Regardless of the set of identified goals, PPC campaigns can be set up effectively.


One of my friends asked me how can he improve sales for his business. I suggested him to approach this Digital Marketing Company in Noida, Sec. 63. Swavish Softwares is the best way to improve your business as it uses the latest marketing strategies and will help you achieve more sales and conversions.

 Marketing has always been about connecting with your audience. It is the most powerful tool for marketing.

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