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Top 5 Web Development Trends In 2018 - Swavish Softwares

Since its execution, the internet has continued to unfold wonders. With every passing year, we witness new concepts, new ideas, sometimes good, sometimes bad. Web technology is developing and has grown massively in its short lifetime since its inception. This development has helped to create personalization in the website design.

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These trends are easing the journey of website development while concomitantly providing seamless browsing experience. Hence, it is necessary that you pay heed to the trends of tomorrow and incorporate these into your web development. Web development company in Noida, Swavish Softwares provide the best quality web development & all IT services in Delhi NCR along with surety of keeping your preferences at the top. Here are following some latest 2018 web development trends that are expected to have an impact globally in the website development industry.

  • CHATBOTS - These are the text-based messenger. Reaching out to customers with best services is the intended target of every website owner. Hiring humans for 24*7 customer support have been always there but now this can be complemented with Chatbots that can guide your visitors and provide them with instant support. Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and other such websites are already using these technologies. Chatbots have the capability to allow a website to be contacted daily, at any time, without having to continuously look after a customer service department.

  •  IMAGE CONTENT-  Images are quite pertinent in today’s era as the pictures are more impactful than textual content. A right image involves new customers, thus improving sales. A rapid increase has been witnessed in use of images on the sites.  Use Unique images, that conveys the message and provides information to customers in an easy manner. This could be the key to success.
  •  ON- PAGE WEBSITES- Web development company in Delhi, Swavish Softwares explain On-Page website designs. In this, one can scroll or click on links to navigate to various sections of the website. There is an absence of convoluted menu and endless navigation. People often use mobile phones as it is handy and this one-page website can really be helpful as, it is mobile friendly, and scrolling can be done to navigate to different links.
  • VOICE USER INTERFACE- With the growing trend of voice assistants like SIRI, CORTANA, ALEXA, GOOGLE NOW customers around the world are experiencing the ease of work. VUI understand and work on complex command as well. It is concluded that more than 50% of the total searches would be voice ones by the end of 2020. It is necessary to update your website with VUI for quick responses to customer queries.
  •  NOTIFICATION ALERTS- This trend has already set foot in mobile applications, but using it in your website development has become crucial in today’s world. This will notify customers directly about things like blog posts, product updates and many more. Users will just need to enable notifications and this will give them notifications and the businesses will be benefitted with higher engagement on the website, more customer visits, and increased sales without any additional cost of the mobile app.


As a content writer, Aditi Tripathi, I have written many blog posts about Swavish Softwares since 2 years. Today we are telling you latest trends web development company in India in 2018.


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